Our award-winning, difficult-to-escape-from Kitty Holster® cat harness is a US-made, soft, comfortable walking vest that secures with ultra-strong velcro closures to keep your cat safe and sound.

This breathable, washable cotton cat harness with undyed lining is suitable for all skin types and climates. The Kitty Holster® cat harness is perfect for handling your cat at veterinary appointments, taking your cat RVing and traveling, walking your cat, visiting friends and family with your cat, and taking your cat out on a balcony. Also available as a high-visibility safety vest to assure that your cat is easily seen both day and night. Wherever you plan to walk your cat, the Kitty Holster® cat harness will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your cat is both safe and comfortable.

Sizes to fit almost any cat:

​            Neck           Girth (chest)
XS      5" - 9"         10" - 14"
S/M  9" - 12"        13" - 17"
M/L  10" - 13"      16" - 20"
XL     11" - 15"      19" - 23"

Every order includes
our training pamphlet: "How 
to Train Your Cat to Walk On a Leash."

The patented Kitty Holster cat harness is better for both you and your cat. Compared to other cat harnesses, the Kitty Holster:
  • is ultra-lightweight and easier for your cat to wear
  • is made of 100% breathable cotton to keep your cat comfortable
  • has an undyed cotton lining that is gentle on your cat's delicate hair and inhibits irritation to cats who may have delicate skin or skin allergies
  • is easier for you -- and less stressful to your cat -- to put on and take off of your cat
  • has no nylon, thin straps or plastic clips that can cause uncomfortable pressure points and skin abrasion
  • has no harsh webbing to break or abrade your cat's hair 
  • comes in a variety of attractive patterns and colors (selection changes seasonally)
  • is durable 
  • is machine washable

Most cats in the United States are indoor cats and do not get enough exercise. Many folks would love to take their kitty for a walk, but cats in general are very reluctant to wear harnesses or are little Houdinis at getting out of them. The patented design of the Kitty Holster cat harness addresses both of these issues by providing cats with an ultra-
comfortable, lightweight and secure “clothing-like” harness that the majority of cats readily accept wearing. 

While the process of putting on and taking off other cat harnesses can be very stressful for your cat and frustrating for you, putting a Kitty Holster on your cat is a simple -- and much more enjoyable -- experience for both of you. You simply drape our soft cat harness over the back of your cat and reach beneath chin and belly to secure the Velcro closures. While a good-fitting Kitty Holster cat harness is very difficult for the cat to remove, it is exceedingly easy for you to take off of your cat. The closures – one at the collar the other at the abdomen -- open in opposite directions so you simply have to grasp one with the right hand and the other with the left and pull firmly to open the harness. 

The Kitty Holster cat harness comes in both high-quality-factory made versions and customizable hand-made in the USA models. 

For cats and owners who like the finer things in life, we have the high-end Kitty Holster Boutique Line starting at $49.99. Custom orders welcome! Call us for a quote on custom patterns, styles, sizes and colors: 800-980-4165 ext. 0. See our FAQs for sizing information.

you will be taken to 
Crazy K Farm's storefront 
for purchase
Soft pet harnesses for small dogs are typically lined with rough mesh that abrades and breaks their hair. The Doggy Holster's soft, undyed cotton lining is gentle on even the most delicate dog hair both short and long and our velcro is much stronger than that typically used in dog harnesses.
you will be taken to 
Crazy K Farm's storefront 
for purchase
Ask for the Kitty Holster® 
at your local retail store or
Ask for the Kitty Holster® 
at your local retail store or
I don't have words to describe how happy and thankful I am that I found your Kitty Holster product. I volunteer taking care of cats available for adoption at a local PetSmart. One poor cat, Cupcake, has been stuck for over a year in a 15 x 15" cage where she can only take 2 or 3 steps.  She's gained a huge amount of weightand become depressed, and I wanted to try to get her some exercise. I've used many harnesses on cats over the years and found the cats always managed to back out of whatever brand I tried.  But design of the Kitty Holster looked comfortable and secure, so bought her the XL size (which barely fits around her stomach). She absolutely is the happiest cat now!  The harness was so easy to put on her, and so comfortable that she never even thought of trying to get out of it. She took a few tentative steps, flopped down and stretched, then got up and we spent 10 minutes walking around PetSmart.  The longer we walked, the more she perked up. Thank you for an awesome product!!  I'm telling all my friends - and already showed it to the manager at PetSmart. Lynn Lindner
P.S. - Cupcake said to tell you she's grinning ear-to-ear and looking forward to her next walk.

I received your kitty harness two days after ordering it. I was  impressed with how well made it was. I could not find a decent harness until I found yours. Buddy loves it. He is a wonderful cat that I got a couple of months ago from the shelter after my 19 1/2 year old cat, Lucky, had to be put to sleep. All I do is pick the harness up and he goes right to the door. The pet stores I went to had nothing that could come close to what you are selling. Excellent product and excellent service. Flo Aiken

I love the kitty holster. So easy to use and so pretty too.

I just wanted you to know that I am thrilled with your harness.  It is SOOOooo much easier to place on our Finn and I am guessing it is so much more comfortable for him as well, vs. his narrow, webbed-strap harness.  Finally, Finn is a Norwegian Forest Cat, and I am not having any problems with his long hair. Thanks so very much for your wonderful harness!  You've got a lifelong customer. Catherine Ginther

A life saver! Works so well and looks so much better than other harnesses I have tried. 

I ordered your harness when I found out my Dani Jo (female) was going to have knee surgery and would have to be in a kennel for 6 weeks so she couldn't jump or run. I wanted to try the harness (holster) so she could at least come out and walk around with me or watch TV. The harness has been the best thing we could have found. She gets so excited when I go in the room where I keep her in the kennel and pull out the harness. She knows she gets to walk around some. We are nearing the end of 5 weeks so it won't be long until she can go play without it, but I wanted you to know what a God send this has been. Ann Haisler

High quality product!!

I just received the two kitty harnesses, and am extremely happy with how easy they are to put on and take off. Also, my cats are not able to squirm and back out of them. All the other harnesses I tried were so difficult and stressful to put on. Also, my cats are much moree calm and compliant, and they just walk alongside me. I do not allow them to go outside by themselves since I live on a busy street, so the kitty harness is the best thing since sliced bread!!! Ann Toia

My cat comes running when he sees me pick up his Kitty Holster -- he knows that he is going to get to go outside!

When the Kitty Holster comes out of the closet, Murphy meows non-stop until it's on her little body and we're headed out the door. Thank you for providing such an easily useful tool that enables my sweet girl the joy of being outdoors. Cheryl Pierce

Great-The Best of The Best for Cat Halters!!!

We received the Kitty Holster yesterday. It worked 
wonderfully! When I first put it on my cat, he wasn't 
too happy with me. He just plopped down on his side 
and wouldn't budge. I decided to clip the leash onto 
the ring and just pick him up and take him outside.  
He had so much fun outside. He protested loudly 
when it was time to go inside. Thank you for such a 
wonderful product. Marcy Kalvelage

Love the harness.....it works perfectly!     

~just what I was looking for excellent~ 

I cannot compliment you enough.  The products (two kitty holster harnesses, one in each size) are very, very well made and the shipping was incredibly fast.  A genuinely fair deal for the price.  What a pleasure to do business with you. Patricia A. Crisp

((((((((((((((((( PURRRFECT ))))))))))))))))))  

I am very impressed with your product's high quality 
and durability!

Your statement "For the cat who hates harnesses" is 
correct. One of our cats would not even walk in a
harness and we had to fight to get it on him. He let
my wife put the Kitty Holster on him with very little
effort the first try and walked around the yard wearing 
it. Thank you for a product well worth the higher price
than other harnesses. Martin C. Fout


My cat aggressive cat can go outside again!                              
We ordered a Kitty Holster to try out on our cats who HATE harnesses and are really adept at slipping out of them. The Kitty Holster was great! It didn't choke them and we could fit it on them comfortably and they still couldn't wiggle out of it. I ordered two more so each of our cats could have one. We want to take the cats RV camping and these harnesses will be great! Thanks! Vicki Malueg

LOVE THIS, finally don't have to chase my cat back 
home from the neighbors!!!!!!!

The cat harness arrived in today's mail. Couldn't wait to try it out with my cat, Pearl. I adopted her from the local animal rescue folks about three years ago. I live right on the main road running through our small town and there's lots of local and tourist traffic, It was out of the question to try letting her outside on her own so she's been an indoor cat since adoption. A harness with leash was the only option if she was ever to have a chance to go outdoors. I have to say, I was very impressed with your product as I inspected the harness. Soft cotton material in all areas where the harness meets fur. No pressure points or risk of chafing. Of course the best news was the ease of putting the harness around Pearl. Gentle reassuring words, a few of her favorite kitty treats combined with a nontraumatic fit into the harness and voila!!! She was good to go. Once I attached the leash we were ready for her very first visit to the yard, gardens and garage. My next door neighbor watched in amazement from his kitchen window as he saw Pearl strolling by. She was thoroughly enjoying herself. As was I. There's still much yard, gardens and land for her to explore. Now that she and I have the hang of it and are working as a team, it's gonna be lots of fun. And adventure! By the way, with Pearl getting to go outside at least 2 or 3 times a day, she and I have figured out a fast way to remove the harness once she's back indoors. I pull the velcro collar off and then she just walks forward while I hold onto the harness around her torso  She's able to hop right out of it without any delay or discomfort. A really handy option for both of us. Thanks again for the great product! David Willis

I took Monty to a new vet, a place with only cats. Since there would be no dogs I felt comfortable bringing Monty there in his harness instead of his carrier. All the other patrons and the vet were amazed by Monty's harness. I gave the vet your website since he says he's always asked to recommend a good harness for cats, and yours is the best he's ever seen. Ruth Young

Fits perfectly. Thank you.

Dear Kitty Holster folks, I just wanted to write and tell you that I ordered a Kitty Holster a while back for our little rescue girl, Baby.  She previously had a regular harness and it was a pain.   She loves her Kitty Holster and loves to go outside.   As soon as she gets it on, she immediately knows she can go outside and heads for the door.  Baby is blind and it's a real pleasure to see her enjoying the outdoors.  Thank you for such a wonderful product. Vickie Coonts

Just wanted to let you know that our kitty and my daughter love the new kitty holster.  My daughter wanted the leopard print for Christmas so she could walk our kitty out in the yard in the spring.  It must be comfortable because our kitty, W, will even sleep with it on and it doesn't seem to bother her at all.  My daughter is looking forward to using it outside in the spring.  It is a nice, quality product.  Thanks! Jody and Allison Green

Great product!! Works really well!

I am thrilled with your product! My cat doesn't hate conventional harnesses, I do! I only have one hand, so buckling a regular harness is a real pain, but I can get the Kitty Holster on by myself with no problem! Boo went out with me tonight like he had always had this on! Thank you so much, and I will recommend you to all cat owners I know! Char Stamper

Very cool... 

Just wanted to thank you for my wonderful "Kitty Holster."  For the first time in 2 yrs I'm able to take my cat "Toot Toot" out for walks and she really enjoys them. Susan Grove 

Since getting our Kitty Harness, my little Simba can now go up on the deck and watch the sunset over the ocean while perched up high on the fence. We go to parks so he can climb trees & visit pet shops now, too. He doesn't hesitate putting it on either. Love it! Deb Anchulis-Turner

I bought a Kitty Holster for my Bengal Simon....my Baby is one Happy Cat! I was always nervous with other harnesses because he's slipped out of a few. He is so in love with going outside....best $ I ever spent!!!! Kym Benton

I would have never believed it had I not purchased this item.  I live on a busy highway and wanted to give my new Kitten some outdoor time.  After trying harnesses that he just got right out of I went looking on the Web.  I  chuckled when I saw your Kitty Holster and thought oh well.  The first time I put it on Sammy he was like a bucking bronco.    It took about three times for him to get used to it.  Now whenever he hears the sound of Velcro he thinks it  is time to go out.  What a great product.  If I should put it on too tight he just sits there until I adjust it.  He was 2 pounds when I purchased the Kitty Holster.  Now at twelve pounds this holster still fits great.  Linda Davison

"The cat harness is adorable! What a genius idea. It's so easy to put on and seems very comfortable. Thank you so much." - Lisa R.

"I read about the kitty holster in Cat Fancy magazine.The online reviews convinced me that my cat would not try to chew off or escape from this harness. I put the harness on yesterday in the house for a while. I then attached a leash, and took my cat onto my deck. He loved it! Today I did the same. There was no struggle to wrestle and try to get out of the harness. In two short days, my indoor cat now looks forward to some outside time. Amazing! I stopped by my veternarian today to tell him about it and the success we had. My cat was always an escape artist with prior harnesses.Thank you for a great product, quick mail service, and making my 8 year old black and white tuxedo cat's days more pleasurable!" - Carol C.

​"There is one side benefit we found that has been a real blessing for us, and I wanted to let you know about it. Others may have noticed this too, but I didn't see it mentioned in any of the reviews I read. Our cat became very distraught when traveling in our motorhome and could not be comforted, but after I kept the Kitty Holster on her during one of our trips, she relaxed and didn't "come unglued!" It seems to act with a calming effect like the lap bands advertised for hyper dogs. We thought others might want to know about this and try it to see if it would work with their cats, as even traveling to the vet can be traumatizing for some kitties. Your product shows real ingenuity and superior construction. We couldn't be more pleased." - Norma A.

"I just wanted to say a great big Thank you!! for the Kitty Holster. I've attached a photo of my former-stray Lord BearCat, who adopted me in September of 2012. After he came down with vestibular disorder late last year, he was no longer able to go outside. Once he recovered he had no interest in going outside, since it was winter. I've tried other holsters with him, and he hated and fought every one. I figured he'd never get to enjoy his former domain again, and this frustrated both of us. However, your holster has given him some of his old freedom back. He took to it right away, and now patiently (if you call "yowling" at me being patient...) waits for his daily morning walk. Thank you so much for making a fantastic product which has given back to my BearCat some of his former life." - Heather

"Our cat Pixie has never been happier!" - Megan R.

"Black-cat Norman cat-napping in his brand new Kitty Holster! Can't wait to get him outdoors with it. We love it. Thank you" - Courtney S.

"Thanks for making such a great cat harness jacket. Received it yesterday, and tried it out for the first time today. My bengal Nikita loves her pink polka dots and seems much more comfortable than the tradition 2-strap harness." - Elizabeth G.

" Yup, this worked. Our much older cat, Moby is fine with a more minimal harness, but new cat Eleanor… no. She came from a shelter, and is far less attached to us, especially outside with all the traffic, dogs, noise and local outdoor cats. When the neighbor accidentally startled her, she bolted, and got nowhere, so I knew I wouldn’t lose her. At first, she mostly just fell over, rolled, low crawled. After a dozen or so trips out, she is beginning to ignore it, and simply enjoy all the smells, rolling in dirt. When she’s in it, all I have to do is pick her up, she just goes limp. Which is something she won’t do inside without the wrapper, she freaks at hands coming down. Even getting it on, although never hard, has gotten much easier. The last time, she came over for me to put it on her, mewing until I did. I’m just glad I can safely take her out, since she so obviously enjoys it." - Joan W.
A bit of history:  Midnight was abandoned by his previous owners, and learned to survive on his own for several years in our old neighborhood by hunting -- even though he doesn't have front claws!  -- and also begging for shelter from various folks in the cold winter months.  He adopted us when we moved into our house six years ago, and we let him go in and out as he pleased.  When we moved into an apartment this fall he was miserable because he could no longer enjoy being outside. We tried two other harnesses before the Kitty Harness, and after about five minutes each Midnight performed quick escape routines -- while we were out walking.  I was afraid we'd lose him, and thought his days of outside bliss were over. But then the Kitty Harness arrived, and it has been amazing!  He's stopped trying to escape, and he loves his walks.  In fact, the only problem we're having now is how often Midnight asks/cries to go out!  An hour a day isn't enough, he wants to take us on more "Midnight strolls." We live on-campus at a fairly big university, and many students have already mentioned how they've wished they could walk their cat (I tell them they can!) -- and people repeatedly say, "A cat on a leash?  I've never seen that before!" We'll be referring these folks to your website and product. On behalf of Midnight and my family, we're grateful for your harness! Thank you. Michael Landman

We love your kitty harnesses! Best harness on the market by leaps and bounds. Gabriella 


I  ordered a kitty holster to use with my Maltese dog. Regular harnesses break her hair because of the harsh webbings found on dog harnesses. Since your product has no webbing - only soft cotton - she is able to wear her holster without fear of delicate hair breakage as is found with dog collars and harnesses. Joanna Ahrendt

This harness is too cool!

Honey absolutely loves to go outdoors in her kitty holster! We really like the product as well. It makes her nightly walk less stressful, and more fun for all. Thanks! Debra Ramirez

Great Quality! Better Than Other Harnesses! Easy Use & Comfy!

I just have to send you a quick e-mail to say that my cat, Monty, absolutely loves going out with his new harness. It's so easy to put on that he gets to go out more often, and I don't feel like I have to be constantly adjusting it.  No other harness has fit right-- he's only 5 months old. Yours is so adjustable that is works even for kittens. (Others say they fit any size cat, but not really.) He's never minded harnesses and he doesn't try to get out of them. The main benefit is that I feel more comfortable with it so I take him out more and let him play more, instead of always checking that his harness is on right.  He's bugging me right now to take him out again. He's been out three times today, but he can't get enough! He'll meow at the back door and the second I grab the harness he starts purring. Thanks for a great product! Ruth Young

Works well.

I just have to say that the Kitty Holster is the greatest!!!.  My Whiskers could and would get out of any harness until the Kitty Holster.  All the others made him cower and be afraid to walk around, not the holster.  He seems very conformable and we can walk for an hour so he gets his outdoor fix and is happy for the rest of the day.  I am happy because I don't have to worry about him being out and a coyote getting him.  Thanks for much for this product.Judy Kirk and Whiskers (18 month old gray tab)

Just as described, approved by cat!

The Kitty Holster fastens tight enough that Pusser can not escape. He however, has never attempted to escape from his Kitty Holster, so I don't put it on real tightly. The Kitty Holster is so soft and lightweight that he is very 
comfortable with it on and acts like he is not even wearing it. I just think he looks fantasic and he really loves to wear his holster.  Rita Sirota


I received the first harness I ordered. I put it on Spice, the larger of my two calico sisters. She hated it at first. She wasn't able to get out of it as she had two others I tried. I took her outside and with a leash attached stayed with her as she investigated our patio. She had trouble realizing she was truly out!!! Her sister, Sugar, cried and cried. So, hence my order for another. So far, so good. Thanks. Carolyn Thune 

great -- easy to put on or take off.

Wisp, and her four siblings were born, to a feral farm cat, in May, 2010. Sadly, a few short weeks after the kittens were born, their mama was taken by a predator - we live very near a wildlife refuge and there are owls, eagles, vultures, coyotes, etc. on the farm. It took us several days to find the well-hidden kittens and, initially, their survival was in question.  Wisp was the tiniest and the weakest (if you can believe it!) and the one who won my heart;  her four siblings went to good homes but Wisp remained with me. We live in a very tiny space but she has a very large "window on the world" - and the outdoors intrigued her.  I tried several harnesses but she had very well-honed "escape artist skills"!  The Kitty Holster was the answer!  She adapted to wearing it very quickly but the outdoors was challenging for her .. farm noise / Cowboy, the farm dog / traffic / the huge number of birds in the "feeder tree" right outside her window . . were overwhelming.  Then came yesterday . . the time was right!  She trotted here, she trotted there, she explored, she "stalked", she had a spectacular time!  Eventually, it was time to go back inside.  Her Kitty Holster hangs on a hook by the door and that's where Wisp planted herself - for the next two hours - caterwauling at the top of her lungs!!  There will be many more outside adventures for Wisp and the attached photos are proof-positive that she'll enjoy them - thanks to her Kitty Holster!  Thank you for making a quality product that works!! Jo Dunn
Ridgefield, WA


Just what I've been looking for for years. Received my cat harness and it is perfect. Have been slowly getting my cat use to it and he is doing great.  Thank you. Jef Petitpren

Great harness - thanks!

Perfect! Great price.

I just wanted to thank you for the great service and product. My cat is enjoying his kitty holster and readily wore it right from day one. I feel better taking him outside as the kitty holster provides far more control and safety. We're both happier since getting the Kitty Holster! I am so glad I ordered. (He is a Houdini in any other collar or halter). Chris M.

We're both happier since getting the kitty holster! I am so glad I ordered.

Hi everyone at Crazy K! I was lucky enough to find your harnesses by looking at your ad in the back of Cat Fancy. I ordered them almost immediately after seeing the ad. We received our harnesses today and tried one out on our 2 year old tuxedo, Jack. When he was younger we tried a nylon harness and he didn't like it (plus he Houdini'd out of it in minutes). Yours was so easy to fasten around his chest and under his belly. And it took almost no time for him to adjust to it. Anyway, I wanted to let you know how happy we are. We'd like to order more because we are adopting 2 more kittens this summer. Thanks again! Gabriella

I just wanted you and your company to know just how pleased I am with the Kitty Holster.  He is a kitten of 8 months and very, very active.  I had tried so many types of collars and harnesses,  but they never worked.  I cannot believe the Kitty Holster -  I just wish that I had discovered it for all of the cats I have owned throughout my life.  Great product! Sondra Poe

Tin-Tin the cat is doing fabulous on his new holster! He accepted it right away, all I have to do is snap my fingers and he follows along like a dog. The reactions I get from people when we are out and about are so funny! Thanks for your great product.
Chris Guth

I recently purchased the kitty holster and my cats took to them very quickly. My little female does not fuss with it but my male if not busy walking tries to squirm out of it. They went out on the balcony for the first time and loved it. Even more important to me, I will able to transport my cats quickly and safely if there is an emergency. I also have a cat carrier but you have to be able to hold them as well.Thank you again for a great product. Mary J.

I received the the medium "holster" and as the previous, the quality is exceptional! THANK YOU Please extend my thanks to whom ever sews these.They do a really beautiful job! you have a great fan,and I am actively promoting your products! My cat Figaro doesn't seem to mind his new "wardrobe" much better than the harness he had before! The design is brilliant & kitty doesn't lay down, look sad & play dead when he has it on I'm REALLY PLEASED! - Eric K.

"Thank you for making such a quality product. Putting on and taking off the kitty holsters is quick and easy, and the cats never fuss with them on. My cats love your product so much, they run over to me and start meowing whenever they hear Velcro." - Will K.

"Received our custom Kitty Holsters and wanted to share these with you. Athena (the tortie) loves hanging on the deck and the holster is so secure I have few worries. Zeus (white fur ball with the dark tail) moved to Boston and our daughter now feels comfortable walking the 6 blocks to her Vet with him in his carrier now that she has a secure harness for him. Thanks for a great job!!" - Leona S.

"I just wanted to let you know I took Pooh Bear Outside today for his first outdoor walk and boy o boy did your product pass the test! There was a baby rabbit under one of my pots by my front door and Pooh scared it out, and it took off, and Pooh tried to take off after it, but I followed your instructions and stayed behind him while he struggled to go after the rabbit. No worries! The holster held him firmly without hurting or choking him in anyway and he calmed down very quickly. I gave him a minute to calm down, (and let the baby rabbit find a new hiding place), and I sat next to him and talked and petted him and then he was ready to resume our first walk! We ended up going all the way around the house and seeing grasshoppers, lizards, beetles, and then rolling in the dirt and grass, (I live on 5 acres for him to explore) but after 20 minutes I took him back in because I thought that was enough for our first walk, even though Pooh wanted to keep going! We can go back out this afternoon. We both had such a GREAT TIME! He loved it and so did I! He is now back inside, relaxed and sleeping deeply instead of anxiously looking out the windows for hours longing to be out. All my house are house cats, but now we have a new advenure awaiting us outdoors everyday! Thank you so much for such a great, comfortable, safe, and well made product. Pooh Bear and I Love it! (And the baby rabbit that got away is probably relived that your product worked so well too!)" - Ann R.

"Miracle loves her new harness!" - Di K.

"I recommend the kitty holster for anyone with a kitty that wants to go outside. My Jake was I8 years old before I lost him to bad health but I think going outside with his kitty Holster helped to extend his time with me. I didn't get him until he was 11 and only got 7 wonderful years with him but every day was cherished. He loved to go outside and when he saw his little outfit, the kitty holster, he got excited and knew he got to go out. He loved to go out and sniff the plant life, look at squirrels, bunnies and hawks." - Kori L.
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